The spiderlift, made by Teupen, is a high performance aerial man-lift that was designed for the tree care professional. Our arborist technicians will be able to better deal with any aerial safety hazards, vista views, pruning and deadwooding, in a safe, productive and efficient manner. This unit can quickly self-unload and is self-propelled. Non-marking rubber tracks can work on 30 degree slopes in confined areas and can negotiate the Muskoka landscape.
Many of our high risk tree removal projects require special attention and innovative techniques to mitigate the safety of our climbers and minimize property damage. The spiderlift allows our climbers to access the height of the tree without actually being on the tree.

Since acquiring the Spiderlift in 2008, the machine has allowed us many opportunities to be safer while working aloft. We have seen the machine increase our pruning and deadwooding productivity in local camps, resorts and campgrounds. When a crane is not possible, or alternate tie-in points unavailable, the Spiderlift has become a regular tool in the "toolbox."
We have enjoyed exploring the possibilities and working together with other Tree Service Companies. We do hire the machine out with an operator. We have assisted in the installation and repair of stadium lighting, painting roof-top turrets, repairing metal roofing on a barn, and installing Christmas lights.

Other Spiderlift applications can include:
- Alternative to costly scaffold set-up on uneven terrain for construction firms
- Facility maintenance (Indoors or Outdoors)
- Specialized lighting or signage
- Aerial Photographs of cottage or property
- Safe Height Access to campgrounds, campsites, and resorts